TWIN HEART is a double-hearted beating, two restless minds and two women creating one project out of love for music. Its promoters have been organizing events and DJing for 7 years.
They offer parties in clubs and outdoors, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings… ONLY  FOR WOMEN! Their mission is to promote and support the passion and talents of Polish lesbians.
Their passion is to plan and create a safe, colorful space for women.


tentacion germany sister event girlie circuit

Tentación is one of the best known parties in Münster. Its owners consider Tentación is like a big family where everyone is welcome, any preferences, age, cultural or social background, they just want that their people have a fun night and enjoy with their beats. They play Charts, Latin, Balkan, Oriental & House beats.


¡Noches con buena música, buenas copas, buena compañía y el mejor ambiente LGBT+ de Valencia! Vive las noches mágicas de #PlanetValencia.

Abierto de jueves a sábado de 23h a 3:30h.